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Francois from Joburg Beard Company


My name is Francois. In the beginning of 2016, I decided to start making beard oil. Oh... and it wasn't easy. What a journey it was to start creating a product from scratch, creating a brand name, packaging, recipes, having money to do it and having no clue how to run an online business.

But after all the effort and research that I put into starting this, it eventually paid off when I got my first orders. Which were from family and friends mostly. I think when anyone starts a new business venture, it always starts from your support system buying things from you. I'm actually a Front-End Web Developer, and apart from making a product from scratch and selling it online, which I've never done before, I've also never built an online e-commerce shop. So in my case, both things were a nice challenge for me.

I started out with one type of beard oil, then beard balm and then started looking into making labels and packaging. After I started getting some orders, I added a few more products as I sold more products.

So far it's going well and I'm hoping to get my product into stores like pharmacies etc. But that's a plan for the future.