5 Reasons to Start a Beard Now | Eric Bandholz

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The time is now to grow your beard. We are only two months away from fall and that gives you the perfect amount of time to grow your beard.

1. Fall is coming. Get your face ready for the crisp, cool weather by growing out your majestic man mane.

2. New season, new look. Change it up and rock a new style this season – grow out the beard and embrace a killer new look.

3. You know your sh*t. You’ve been watching Beardbrand’s YouTube channel for a long time, and you know how to take care of your beard. Put that information to good use and care for your beard this season.

4. Your thickest beard ever. You’re a year older, and for some of the younger viewers that means it’s probably going to come in a bit thicker and denser than it has in the past. Embrace it, rock it, and enjoy it!

5. You can win a watch. The Fifth Co is sponsoring a killer contest, so get in on the fun and win a watch!

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