5 Tips to Improve Your Look in 30 Days | Eric Bandholz

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Ready to step up your style game? Piece of cake. Eric has five easy tips to make you look sharp, fresh, and totally styling. Stay tuned to the end to see the winners of our 5 O’Clock Shadow Challenge!

1. Fresh cut. A beard trim and a fresh haircut go a long way in giving you a sharp look and keep you looking clean and maintained.

2. Find the right products. Step up your game and find the products that are designed to work well with your body’s chemistry.

3. Find the right clothes. Quality over quantity, but make sure fit comes first. If your clothing is too small, too baggy, not hanging right off your shoulders, or look sloppy, then it doesn’t matter what’s on the tag – you won’t feel confident and that will kill your game.

4. Get some sleep. Get in your full 8 hours, otherwise you’ll end up paying for it later.

5. Drink water. Stay hydrated and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing – keep some water with you throughout your day and get your recommended daily intake.

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