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6 Tips to Becoming a Networking Master | Eric & Clayton

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Boys, it’s time to become a networking master.

1. Bring your A game. Be the best version of yourself, dress well, get a haircut, and showcase the best version of yourself possible.

2. Budget. If you’re going to travel to networking events, you have to budget out travel expenses and fees – make one and stick to it.

3. Place of interest. What’s your niche? You have to enjoy the events you’re going to and they should relate to your passions and pursuits.

4. Attend regularly. Don’t be a stranger, attend these events on a regular basis and get your name and face out there.

5. Don’t just hand out business cards. It’s about starting conversations, interacting, and creating connections, not just spamming people with business cards.

6. Follow up. Send an email afterward, check in, shoot them a text or make a call. Stay in touch and help ignite the relationship and opportunity.

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