About Beardbrand and this Channel

Visit Beardbrand: http://bdbd.us/1mCpl2T
Urban Beardsman Channel: https://www.youtube.com/UrbanBeardsman?sub_confirmation=1

Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is focused on beard care products. We launched in 2012 when we started a blog, this YouTube channel, and a Tumblr account. For us our mission has been to foster style for the urban beardsman and provide tools that help men become better.

We’ve grown tremendously over the years and are really lucky to be leading a new movement for men. Traditionally beardsmen were thought of as bikers, hippies, vagabonds, and outdoorsmen. We wanted to show the world that there were ordinary guys out there who rocked beards and they don’t fit the traditional stereotype.

On this channel we talk about beard, hair and body grooming. We also have another channel called Urban Beardsman where we talk about the lifestyle of the urban beardsman. Those topics include style, travel, lifestyle, and self improvement. Thank you so much for your support and beard on!

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