Hi, my name is Francois. In the beginning of 2016, I decided to start making beard oil. Oh… and it wasn’t easy. What a journey and a half it was to start creating a product from scratch, creating a brand name, packaging, recipes, having money to do it. But after all the effort and research that I put into starting this, it eventually paid off when I got my first orders. Which were from family and friends. I think when anyone starts a new business venture, it always starts from your support system buying things from you. My wife had an I’m actually a Front-End Web Developer and apart from making a product from scratch and selling it online, which I’ve never done before, I’ve also never built an online e-commerce shop. So in my case, both things were a nice challenge for me.

Francois from Joburg Beard Company

Joburg Beard Company specialises in pure organic beard oils, beard balms, mustache wax and natural clay and coconut beard soaps. We also sell wood combs to keep your beard looking great and to keep it in shape. We currently sell four different beard oils called “The Lumberjack” which has a woody scent, “Mountain Mint” with a spearmint scent and then we have the “The Machinist” with an outdoors manly scent.

Our beard oils also help you to get through the “itchy” phase so that you can grow out your manliness.

Our beard balm is made from pure unrefined beeswax, organic unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil and a secret blend of essential oils. This is for more control and helps to keep your beard in shape. Our beard balm works on even the most stubborn beards to keep your face Jersey looking neat and great. The beard balm comes in the Lumberjack and Mountain Mint.

Our beard brushes are made from real boar bristles which are soft on the skin and will help comb out your beard without damaging it. This also works great with our beard oils and helps to comb it through your beard to get it all shiny and good looking.

If you have any questions, please drop us an email on our contact page.