Best Beard Style for Face Shape | Clayton Cook

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How do you find just the right beard style for your face? Fear not, beardsmen – Clayton is here to help, and it’s all about the face shape.

Clayton covers the best beards for a round face, oval face, square face, and triangle face.

Round face – keep it neatly trimmed and use a shape that will add length to your face.

Square face – if you’ve got a strong, straight jawline you’re going to want to go the route of a short beard to show off the angles of your face. If you want to go the opposite route and soften things up, add some bulk to the cheeks.

Triangle face – leave some bulk in the chin area to square off the jaw and give a wider look to the bottom of your face.

Oval face – you cats have it easy. It’s considered the ideal face shape, so try whatever you like and see how it fits your style.

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