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Not all beard companies are created equal. In fact, some are out to straight up scam you. What are some of the warning signs that a company is shady and out to con you?

First thing to check – does the company have an About Us page, with legitimate employees willing to show their faces? If not, there’s a chance you’re dealing with a fake company.

Do they have real reviews from legitimate and reputable journalistic publications? If you come across advetorial reviews and testimonials – that is, an advertisement that gives information about a specific product, but presented in the style of an editorial or objective journalistic article – consider it a warning sign.

Don’t trust Amazon reviews. Nowadays, companies are utilizing exchanges with other companies for positive reviews, giving away a lot of product in exchange for glowing reviews, or will outright pay for positive reviews. They may also hide behind layers of other companies, making it difficult to find any real background or contact information.

You’ll also notice that these scammer companies will set a fake arbitrary price, then mark it down anywhere from 30%-60% to make consumers believe they are getting a great deal, and make them more willing to shell out the money for a given product.

And finally, don’t believe lofty claims made by these companies. Sound too good to be true? That’s probably because it is. Beard growth is determined by your genetics, so if a company is promising that you’ll grow a thicker, denser beard, be aware that you’re dealing with a scam.

Thinking of buying “Beard Powder” aka diatomaceous earth? Please read this to become more educated:

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