It’s time to get your beard ready for summer!

Summer is here and it’s finally December!!! Holiday time! Road trips and drinking too much beer! Looking at girls in bikini’s on the beach and trying to impress them with your massive beard. If you have a beard , you need to get that thing looking great for the holidays so that you can impress […]

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Things That Dry Out Your Beard Which You Should Never Do!

Hi there, So we thought that it would be appropriate to let you know about some things that you should never do to your beard. What is the point of growing a beard, and then not using the right stuff to prevent it from drying out. The whole point about our beard products is to […]

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Bearded Dude Being Awesome | Eric Bandholz

One day, when your beard looks as awesome as mine – you can do awesome things. Until then, sit back in awe.

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