Do You Have a Hybrid Beard Style? | Eric Bandholz

Take Care of Your Hybrid Beard:

Are you rocking a hybrid beard? Do you want to give one a try? Then today’s video is for you – Eric is going over a variety of hybrid beard styles, showing you examples, and explaining how you can rock one if you’re so inclined.

The Arabic Beard. If you’ve seen Rick Ross lately, you’ve seen the Arabic Beard. It’s a full beard with a short mustache, which can be cut down to almost stubble.

The Beardstache. It’s straight out of a cowboy movie – a full, handlebar mustache and a short, stubble beard on the cheeks.

The Scruffy Goat. A strong, full goatee paired with a shorter, stubble beard. Guys like Tom Hardy and Chris Millington are famous for sporting this look, and adds a sharp look to your style.

Scruffburns. Think Wolverine, bub – dense and fuller cheeks, and the goatee area pulled down to stubble. It’s not as popular as other styles, but if it’s cool enough for Weapon X, then it’s cool enough for you!

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