Do You Have a Minimalist Beard? | Jeff Buoncristiano

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In today’s video, Jeff is talking about how to rock a minimalist beard. What exactly is a minimalist beard, you ask? It’s a stripped down beard that is all about essentials, and not much more.

It’s typically shorter, not very extravagant or in-your-face. Rather it’s supportive and complimentary to the wearer. Jeff says his style is normally clean and organized, and his beard is grown to match. The key here is less effort and less work – you’re able to cut out flare-outs and flyaways.

How do you go about maintaining a minimalist beard? Less is more, and we’re talking length here. Keeping it shorter-cropped eliminates the need to constantly be tinkering with and grooming your beard. That doesn’t mean you’ve cut down to no grooming – Jeff says his grooming routine has changed a bit but he still uses beard products like beard wash/softener and beard oil.

There are plenty of benefits of rocking a minimalist beard too – with less time dedicated to your beard, you have more time for the things you enjoy. This style of beard is all about keeping the parts you love, and trimming off the parts that you don’t.

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