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Dye Your Beard | Eric Bandholz

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A lot of guys face the challenge on whether or not they should dye their beard. Well, really I’m just a guy on the internet – you shouldn’t listen to me. That being said, if you do choose to go the beard dying route; less is always more.

If you want to dye a blonde beard, I recommend simply growing it longer to make it more visible. If you want to dye it a different, unique color – then go right ahead. It can be fun. I’ve seen a guy dye his beard green for St Patricks Day. How fun!

Anyways, remember to be proud of your decision and recognize that beard dye is a tool, like many other things. It can help you achieve a look that you are going for. Don’t be dying your beard to hide something about you. You gotta be yourself – whatever that is.

Beard on!

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