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Let’s talk vinyl. Today Clayton and Brian have some tips on how to start your vinyl collection.

1. Buy your favorite records. Find your favorite records and scoop them up on vinyl – you’re guaranteed to love them and listen to them.

2. Invest in a turntable. Get a quality piece that’s going to last – Brian suggests working in the $250 range to start.

3. Get a good needle. Brian says budget your needle at 20% of what you spend on the turntable.

4. Get a brush and clean it every time. Don’t let it collect dust, make sure you brush it off and keep it clean to get to maximum enjoyment and quality out of your records.

5. Get a good dust jacket. And don’t stack them horizontally, always line them up vertically to avoid damaging the vinyl.

6. Find cool local record stores. When you hit a new city, search out local record shops and get involved in the community.

7. Listen and discover. Enjoy the classic sounds and have fun!

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