How Long Should You Grow Your Beard? | Eric Bandholz

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There is no right length when it comes to how long you should grow your beard. If you want to stay within a corporate environment, you’ll probably want to shoot for around 3 months. You could probably go to 6 months if you want to be a little edgy.

The really long beards (2 year, 3 year and terminal beards) have some issues you’ll need to deal with – like zippers, but they can really give you a cool look. You can do cool things with those long beards like a braid, knot, or various types of ties.

A lot of the notable bearded male models are wearing beards around the 3 to 6 month range. It’ll show their neck and keep their mustache trimmed.

The best way to see what length you want is to grow it as long as possible then start to trim back when you get to lengths you don’t like. Keep in mind the “penis stages” that will look back for a short period of time, but will look cooler as it gets longer. Try to power through those stages.


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