How to Dye Your Beard | Jeff Buoncristiano

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Maybe you’re trying to eradicate some greys, or maybe you just want to go a shade darker for fun. Either way, if you’re going to dye it, Jeff is here to show you how to do things properly.

In today’s video he’s using Just For Men – be sure that before you start, you put a bit of Vaseline around your cheekline and anywhere the dye may touch your skin, as it can actually stain your skin.

Mix your color base and the color developer in the plastic tray that comes with the product. Brush the dye throughout your beard with the applicator brush and wait at least five minutes before washing the product off – Jeff suggests going light the first time applying, since it is easier to do a second round of dying if it isn’t dark enough for your liking, instead of it come out too dark right off the bat. It’s also important to note that if your beard is patchier, dying it will help give the appearance of a denser, fuller beard.

Jeff also points out that the color shade pictured on the box is a bit misleading, so try not to choose your color based strictly on the shade featured on the box.

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