How to Handle a Bad Beard Trim or Haircut | Eric Bandholz

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Things go awry at the barber? Panicked because your cut or trim ended up taking off more than you wanted? Settle down, guy. Eric is here to tell you how to deal with a bad beard trim or haircut.

Take a breath, calm down, and chill for a second. This isn’t the end of the world – it’s just a bad cut. What’s the real issue; is it a bad haircut, or is it just a different style than you were going for? You’ve got to hop in the shower and start from scratch with styling and determine what style you’re really working with.

Eric explains that some of his best haircuts are the ones that left him leaving the barbershop with a slight sense of worry. Sometimes pushing your comfort zone can be a good thing.

If it really isn’t jiving with you, when you go back to the barber bring more photo examples of what you’re looking for and explain in detail what you’re shooting for and have a good conversation with them about the cut before you sit down.

If it’s a total hack job, maybe look for a new barber. In terms of the beard, you can give that a trim yourself to even things out. Don’t shave it off or cut it down the stubble – even it out and let it ride.

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