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Finding the right beard and hairstyle can sometimes be a challenge. But today Eric and Carlos are coming at you with the three big questions you need to answer when you decide it’s time to shake things up and try a new style!

1. Where do you go for your beard and hair style?

Whether it’s a barbershop or a salon, find the right person who will work with your style and hair to give you the just the right cut and the look you’re aiming for. Also find some style inspiration from social media and online to find a style you like and might fit your look.

2. When do you change your style?

For Carlos, he likes to be spontaneous and go for it. Eric on the other hand has a more structured process – he sets goals with his style choices and decides what’s next as he hits benchmarks.

3. How do you know when you find your style?

It’s a learning process, and it’s all about what makes you feel confident. However always seek to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

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