How to Maintain Your Beard | Carlos Costa

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On Carlos’ last day in Austin, Texas, he’s coming at you with a video about how he maintains his beard.

He admits his beard genetics are a big help, but he also says that having the right tools to keep your beard looking its best is key. Carlos’ suggestion? A pair of Beardbrand trimming scissors, one of our Kent combs, one of our 100% boar’s hair brushes, a bottle of beard oil, and some mustache wax.

He also recommends trimming and shaping every two weeks or so. While Carlos typically goes to a barber twice a month to keep his beard trimmed, he talks about how he does at-home trims, and discusses how he cuts the area around his sideburns shorter and slowly tapers to a longer length toward his cheeks and jaw. Be sure to keep your neckline in check – right above the Adam’s apple is a good marker for where to trim and cut to keep a good shape.

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