How to make your beard grow faster and fill those patchy spots with glorious beard hair

Hi! You probably landed on this page because you are struggling to grow yourself one of those glorious full beards that you see on other bros.

Well, you’re in the right place…hopefully.

We will list a few things here that you can try to make your beard grow faster. There are a bunch of things that guys try out there to get a more facial hair out of their chin like vitamins, massaging, combing and protein diets.

#1 – Vitamins

Vitamins I would say is the first thing I’ll try. Your hair grows from the inside and it requires specific sources to make your beard grow faster and stronger. So add Vitamins A, B, C and E in your diet and that should definitely help your beard grow faster. You can buy vitamin B tablets at a pharmacy which will make your beard grow faster.

#2 – Touch your beard a lot

Yes. You read right. By touching your chin or existing beard makes it grow faster because it stimulates your skin and promotes hair growth.

#3 – Don’t trim it

Trimming your beard won’t make it thicker or grow faster. The only thing that will do is make you start over the whole time. Just leave it. Let it grow freely. Like a free range chicken on a farm. Eventually, your beard will start to become full and bushy and if you have patches, your beard will cover it when it grows longer.

#4 – Brush or comb your beard daily

You can use a beard comb or beard brush to comb your beard. By combing or brushing it, it massages the skin underneath and tells your beard that hey, something’s happening here like something’s attacking my chin and I need to protect it with hair. So then it grows faster.

So that’s our tips for now. If you have any other tips that you can think of, please leave it in the comments section below.

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