Men’s Long Curly Hair Guide with Mike Falzone | Eric Bandholz

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Eric Bandholz from Beardbrand sat down with comedian Mike Falzone to talk about hair care. We talk about his grooming routine to keep the hair looking alright, how to handle the bad days, and a couple of styling options.

The key with long curly hair is to tame the hair. To do that it’s important to condition regularly and having a leave in conditioner will help ease the hair and allow it to lay down rather than out.

Typically Mike will wear the hair down, but if he does wear it up he’ll do a man bun in the back. He prefers the look where it’s toward the middle of the back of his head and not too high and not too low. When tying the bun he’ll pull the hair to give a little disheveled look that rocks really well with the wavy hair.

For wearing a hat, Mike will grab the top part of his hair and tie a very loose bun. The bun will sit just outside the hat line and will help to give a thinner look on the sides.

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