The 9 Best Beard Styles & How to Rock Them | Eric Bandholz

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Today we’re talking the 9 best facial hair styles and which one will best suit your face.

The first branch of facial hair is the full beard – the stubble beard is great for those with patchier beards. The corporate beard is reserved more for guys who can grow a fuller beard and is about two weeks to two months worth of length. Then there’s the full beard – let it grow and let it flow, friends!

The next branch is partial beard – sideburns are quite popular and give you some options (think Wolverine). The goatee is also pretty popular and can be worn long or short. Then there’s the whaler aka the Amish, and the lack of mustache has several reasonings and stories behind it.

Then of course there’s always the simple mustache. The handlebar has a bit more of an English feel to it and can give you a pretty hip look. The cop stache is one most people are quite familiar with and is nicely groomed and tight. Then we have the walrus, and this is the style Eric is rocking – it’s big and bold and grows freely.

Eric also talks about the idea of hybrid styles – things like the beardstache, which is a shorter beard with a walrus mustache. Totally badass, and a look Eric might be trying in the near future.

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