Things That Dry Out Your Beard Which You Should Never Do!

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So we thought that it would be appropriate to let you know about some things that you should never do to your beard. What is the point of growing a beard, and then not using the right stuff to prevent it from drying out. The whole point about our beard products is to make you beard soft. So let’s take a look at some of the stuff you should never use on your beard and that you should never do to your beard.

1. Washing your beard with normal hair shampoo or normal soap that you bath with

Normal hair shampoo and regular soap contains loads of chemicals which dries out your hair. You need to remember that the hair on your head is completely different from the hair on your face.

The shampoo that you buy from the shops are made to remove grease from your hair and also to remove sebum oil from your skin and hair to help make it not look greasy. But if you strip those needed oils from your beard, it becomes super dry. Your beard needs these oils to look healthy and strong.

So try our beard soaps to keep your beard clean and healthy. It will also help to make it soft.

2. Blow drying your beard

DO NOT blow dry your beard. A hair dryer dries out your hair and if you accidentally hold the hair dryer in one place, it will just burn your beard and dry it out instantly. So just tap it dry with a towel or let it air dry. That’s the best.

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