Top 10 Reasons to Grow a Beard | Clayton Cook

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Last week, Jeff Buoncristiano gave you the top 10 reasons to not have a beard. Clayton is here with his counterpoints – 10 reasons to totally grow a beard.

10) It’s a time saver. Shaving every day becomes time consuming and monotonous. Save yourself some time and energy, chuck the razor, and grow your beard.

9) Beards are healthy. Science shows that beards can trap bacteria and germs before they enter your respiratory system. Be healthy, grow a beard.

8) You can gain a few years. A beard can help you look a bit older and more distinguished, and that’s a pretty cool style.

7) Save your face. Shaving can irritate your skin and open up your pores and leave it vulnerable to bacteria and dirt.

6) UV protection. Beards actually protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In fact the longer it is, the more it will protect your neck as well.

5) Community. You guys know the Urban Beardsman community, and we can all agree that beards can bring strangers together. We’re all part of the bearded community, and that’s pretty rad.

4) Change your style. Beards are accessories to your style, and growing facial hair adds a new element to your personal look.

3) Confidence boost. You feel a little more masculine and powerful. Grow it out and walk tall, amigo.

2) Impress your love. Trying to bag that special someone? Try wooing them with your majestic man mane.

1) Because you can. Some folks can’t grow beards, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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