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Team Beardbrand’s Jeff Buoncristiano is here with the Top 10 Tips For Growing a Beard.

1) Set a goal. It makes you more likely to accomplish your beard goals if you have direction and inspiration.
2) Look for inspiration for your current length. Find photos of other beardsmen with lengths similar to your current growth stage.
3) Use beard oil. Formulated to hydrate, soften, and condition not only your beard but your skin, it’s an essential tool.
4) Beard wash or organic soap. Designed for the coarser hairs of your beard, a good beard wash is a must.
5) Take photos. This helps keep track of your progress and measure how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.
6) Get a haircut. A fresh haircut can clean up your look.
7) Get involved. Look to join organizations, beard clubs, and be involved with the bearded community.
8) Dress better. Beards have a huge impact on your personal style, so work to evolve your style and wear some nicer pieces.
9) Drink water and exercise. These are two of the most important things you can do for your health and your hair.
10) Don’t trim it. Give yourself time to let your beard grow, and when you reach your desired stage and length, then think about a trim.

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